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TimeFleX Group Calendar

Organising and planning schedules often takes up a great deal of time and is anything but efficient.

This is finally changing with TimeFleX: The flexible views and simple functionality will save you time, resources and money when handling your schedules.

Efficiency has a name

TimeFleX – Group Calendar

Almost everyone knows the challenge involved with scheduling and coordination. In most cases at this point, people resort to an add-on like the group calendar built into Outlook.

The Outlook group calendar has become indispensable in many organisations, but it quickly reaches its technical limits, making convenient and uncompromising scheduling impossible. The TimeFleX Solutions Group Calendar module compensates for these limitations in Outlook/Exchange and Exchange Online (Microsoft 365).

"TimeFleX Solutions is one of the leading providers of group calendars for Outlook."

The advantages for you

8 good reasons for using our Group Calendar

  • Customisability
    6 different views make TimeFleX the perfect personal planner for every user
  • Scalability
    Create up to several hundred calendars and display them simultaneously in one view
  • Internationality
    Access to all connected calendar data worldwide with automatic adjustment to the respective time zone
  • Extras
    For instance, you can also view specific time windows, even within a group, and increase the clarity level
  • Search Functions
    Unlike Outlook or Exchange, TimeFleX lets you search all your calendars globally by entering a query
  • Permissions
    Optimised permissions and roles management – create access permissions for all employees and manage them centrally
  • Clarity
    Colour display according to categories, staff and availabilities
  • Special Features
    Calendar templates, higher-level permissions, automatic calendar creation and much more
This is how simple scheduling works today

The ideal real-time overview

The TimeFleX Group Calendar delivers an ideal real-time overview of Outlook/Exchange calendar data for people, rooms and resources.  This can, for example, provide cross-departmental transparency regarding the availability and scheduling of meetings.  Use the flexible view by department, location, job title, etc. feature to provide a clear display of your calendars.  Benefit from time savings when creating and managing all up-and-coming meetings.

"The TimeFleX Group Calendar transforms Outlook into professional scheduling software."

A calendar as flexible as the jobs you perform

Wide array of filter functions

As an administrator, you can supply all your departments with predefined group calendars in an instant.  In parallel, users can design their own personal calendars to include their preferred people, rooms and resources, as well as view and filter options.

The diverse range of options in the Group Calendar provides you with an immediate overview, for example, of home office, holidays, projects and room occupancy.  Different views provide you with a detailed view ranging from a day through to weeks and months.

Always up-to-date

Not only can you view, but you can also create, delete and change schedules using the TimeFleX Group Calendar, which of course also takes Outlook delegation rights into account.

In parallel, access can also be provided over the TimeFleX Group Calendar, which allows for a higher level of detail.

If you wish, our integrated workflow will also notify you by email of any change, addition or deletion that a person makes to your calendar.

"Integration of the Fluent UI means that TimeFleX Solutions will remain identical to the look and feel of Microsoft products in future."

Easy to use thanks to Fluent UI

The adaptation to the Microsoft Fluent UI provides the user with an almost identical application as in the Outlook group calendar. This provides users with have a seamless transition to the application due to the high recognition value.

Optimised views for every need

Clear structure of the user interface

You too can discover the diverse range of options offered by TimeFleX Solutions

The solution's other optional modules including Service Request, Desk Sharing, MeetingFinder and Room Panel provide you with an all-in-one solution for your organisation.

Our mobile app for iOS and Android also contains these features.

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