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Optimised service requests management with TimeFleX

Whether for team meetings or large events, our TimeFleX Service Requests module brings organisation and structure to your event management.


TimeFleX – Service Requests

The Outlook group calendar has become an established part of the working world; it supports the planning and coordination of all types of events, conferences and daily meetings.

The Service Requests module in TimeFleX Solutions allows you to request services such as catering, seating changes, IT equipment etc. from within the meeting request.  It goes without saying that rooms can also be filtered according to capacity or room equipment. Furthermore, products can be assigned properties such as gluten-free, vegan, salty or very spicy and filtered based on these.

The advantages for you

8 good reasons for using this service module

  • Evaluation
    Evaluate bookings according to specific criteria, such as cost centre, contracting agency and grounds for hospitality
  • One solution for all locations
    The configurable infrastructure allows the system to be configured to have multi-client capability in your organisation.
  • Permissions System
    "Who" is allowed to book "when", "where" and "what.
  • Product & service registration
    Caterers and service providers can register their products and services in the system and access the bookings that concern them.
  • Set-up Times
    Specify set-up times for products and services. Our system blocks the booked room before and after the meeting.
  • Service request monitoring
    TimeFleX monitors all the changes to bookings that result from rescheduling, cancellations and other factors.
  • Notifications & reminders via workflow
    Automatic notification of the status of your order via workflow
  • Location Services
    Allocation of different service providers for each location

Can be used regardless of location

Use our Service Requests module at any of your organisation's locations, with the option of appointing a Service Requests Manager for one or several locations.  This method ensures that different locations use the Service Requests module separately to each other.

The permission to book services can be controlled according to person and location, so that the meeting organiser only has access to the products to which they have the necessary permissions and/or that are available at the respective location.

Clear Dashboard

An automated workflow informs the service provider about the requested product and displays the order on the dashboard.  The service provider can use the dashboard to set the request to the current processing status.  The person who submitted the request will be informed by email about the status of their request from the approval to the completion date.  If a meeting that includes a service request is rescheduled or cancelled, the service provider is also informed. In this way, you eliminate long, laborious work processes and obtain transparency between your staff and the service providers.

Configurable set­-up times

Configure set-up times according to different priorities depending on the product to prevent scheduling conflicts between the different service providers.  Assign a set-up time to different products so that the particular service provider has enough time for delivery/preparation in/on the room/floor. Likewise, if the set-up time priorities are also updated, surety is provided that the various service providers are able to deliver their products one after the other or in parallel.

Booking Documents

You have the option to set optional mandatory fields based on an extensive permissions concept, such as cost centre, ordering agency or hospitality grounds in the request so that you can prepare a descriptive booking document.  Evaluate and export all your booking documents based on filters and maintain a constant overview of the products requested and consumed thereby.

Modern input masks for bookings and for catering managers

Service Requests views

You too can discover the diverse range of options offered by TimeFleX Solutions

The solution's other optional modules including Desk Sharing, Group Calendar, MeetingFinder and Room Panel provide you with an all-in-one solution for your organisation.

Our mobile app for iOS and Android also contains these features.

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