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Arrange meetings with MeetingFinder:  The simply optimised solution for organiser and attendees.

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TimeFleX - MeetingFinder

Everyone in the organisation is familiar with the following scenario: an important internal meeting involving several people is coming up, the meeting agenda is being planned at full speed and the "only" thing that has been be done now is to find a date that fits in with everyone.

The result is countless acceptance and rejection mails going back and forth for hours or even days.  So, it's not only the organiser's nerves that are on edge after a short while...
Enough with the confusion!

"The TimeFleX MeetingFinder now turns stress into a walk in the park when arranging meetings!

The advantages for you

6 good reasons for using our MeetingFinder

  • Dashboard
    View and edit all current scheduling polls
  • Corporate Identity
    Colour matching and integration of your company logo
  • Automated Notifications
    Receive automatic notifications of changes to the scheduling poll via workflow.
  • VIPs/Optional attendees
    Select important and/or optional attendees
  • Time Savings
    By providing a direct and clear view of all the meeting dates for the people who need to attend
  • Scheduling for internal and external attendees
    Coordinate meetings for internal and external attendees

MeetingFinder allows you to set up scheduling polls for a group of internal as well as external attendees. Our algorithm for finding proposed meeting dates helps you to create your poll.

The separation of VIPs (e.g. project managers) and other attendees makes it easier for you to maintain an overview throughout the entire coordination phase. Internal attendees can coordinate quickly and concisely by overlaying their schedules on the dates proposed in the enquiry.

The integrated dashboard displays all current scheduling polls to the organisers and/or those invited in a concise manner.

Attendees who have still not returned the scheduling poll by a specified date and time automatically receive a reminder. 

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Der TimeFleX MeetingFinder

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The solution's other optional modules including Service Request, Group Calendar, Desk Sharing and Room Panel provide you with an all-in-one solution for your organisation.

Our mobile app for iOS and Android also contains these features.

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