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Finally, a calendar tool that has exactly the features you´ve always wanted from MS Outlook or HCL Notes. Take the comparison test!

Increased options

TimeFleX is making more of your calendar

Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes are powerful tools that deliver a variety of features. And yet - you might be familiar with this - you reach the limits of the capabilities of this standard software in your day-to-day work surprisingly often.

And then on time, you start looking desperately for one feature or the other - might be a user-friendly full-text search function or the ability to automatically place employee break times in the calendar - just as much as you search for it in vain.

Even though major vendors are constantly improving their software applications it often takes a long time before new features are actually implemented.  No wonder when you think they have millions of users with requirements to be fulfilled worldwide.

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Experience and know-how for everyone from SMEs

TimeFleX starts exactly where the tech giants are often slow to catch up: our developers are familiar with the operating procedures in domestic companies and know exactly which features users like you are still missing to date. We deal with these issues on a daily basis and by doing so have succeeded in developing a calendar tool that addresses exactly those areas where gaps still exist in standard software.
We work closely with Microsoft and IBM to provide our users with seamless integration into their existing IT infrastructure.

This is not because we want to reinvent the wheel with TimeFleX - we just want to make sure its going to roll more smoothly.
Take a look and convince yourself!

Save time and money with TimeFleX

Group Calendar features in comparison


MS Outlook

HCL Notes


Calendar (individual views)
Calendar (extended graphical views)  
Calendar views for groups for up to 14 months  
No limit to the number of calendars you can view  
Categorised calendar views (optical separators) by department, location, position, …  
Planner view with zoom function (hours, days, weeks, month)  
Calendar entry views by time zone set for the mailboxes  
Fast addressing (access to any number of mailboxes (permissions-dependent))  
Integrated working hours with lunch breaks every day 
Central public holiday plug-in with selection by state (multiple selection possible)  
Entry views can be selected by colour (by category, employee, availability)  
Real-time data
Utilisation-per-day view  
Full text or specific attributes, such as entry types, availability, importance, categories, …  
Simultaneous search in multiple calendars  
UI for embedding into a web portal   
URL request with various functions (parameters: automove, search names, etc...)  
Export of the calendar entries displayed (.csv)  
Optimised calendar printout  
Default values settable for new entries (e.g. by category)  
Setting up meetings/creating events
Setting up meetings and creating events in procuration mode 
Notification to the owner when a meeting date has been set-up, modified or deleted  
Extended calendar delegation (with settable filter and visibility for each field)  
Optional adjustments (e.g. plug-ins for scheduling data directly from a third-party system)  


MS Outlook

HCL Notes


Manual configuration (user only)
Creation of group calendars (both central and user-specific)  
Wizards for creating your own group calendars (hundreds of group calendars in seconds)  
Wizards for creating access permissions (hundreds of access permissions in seconds)  
Scalability (also supports > 100,000 users)  
Holiday administration  


MS Outlook

HCL Notes


Mobile App: You can also use all your group calendars on the TimeFleX mobile app  
MeetingFinder: Fully integrated reconciliation for determining dates, with representative rule 
SMS: TDate reminder by SMS with answer function for the customer  
Room Panel:Central control of TimeFleX digital door signs  
Desk Sharing: Central control of TimeFleX Desk Sharing devices  
Service Requests: Book food, drinks, technical equipment or seating changes for your meetings.  
Seamlessly available

As an add-in, web application or mobile app

TimeFlex is as flexible as you and your employees need it to be.

Whether from your desktop workstation in your office, or when you are on the go with your laptop, tablet or smartphone: TimeFlex allows you to access your calendars from anywhere at any time. Direct connection of the interface to the Microsoft or IBM software infrastructure used in your organisation allows you to integrate the versatile functions in TimeFlex into your familiar user environment.
Available for web and all mobile devices, our apps add flexibility without you needing to use and maintain several tools at a time.

This not only saves you from repetitive stress situations during your day-to-day work, but at the same time - and more importantly - gives back to you the most precious resource you and your employees have: TIME.

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