This is how room scheduling works today!

TimeFleX Digital Room Panels

Clarity instead of confusion: Digital room panels make room scheduling easier and provide for better organisation for everyone.

Smart and digital

TimeFleX – Digital Room Panels

TimeFleX Solutions Digital Room Panels offer you the chance to visualise your Exchange Room resource and the associated meetings.  Benefit from the real-time display of room bookings so that overlapping meetings at your organisation become a thing of the past.

Our 10" digital room panels come equipped with a responsive touchscreen and colour-definable LED lights that indicate a room's occupancy status from a distance.

The advantages for you

8 good reasons for using our Digital Room Panels

  • Central Administration
    Central control and configuration of the hardware; distribution of central firmware updates
  • Corporate Identity
    Colour matching and integration of your company logo
  • Optional Check-in
    No ghost meetings thanks to optional check-in
  • Real-time Updates
    Changes to a room booking in real time
  • Smart
    Thanks to the intuitive user interface and pleasant look & feel
  • Energy Efficient
    Energy-saving thanks to settable stand-by times
  • Occupancy overview at a glance
    Coloured LEDs indicate the occupancy status
  • Diverse Authentications
    (NFC/RFID technology, email, etc.)

Easy Update

User recognition ensures that the meeting scheduled on the room panel is synchronised with your Outlook calendar, so that there is no need for you to enter the same information twice.  Optional check-in also provides an option for having the room panel prompt attendees to check in before the meeting begins. This can be done by NFC/RFID, pin and QR code.

If the check-in does not take place within a certain predefined time window around the start of the meeting, the room is unblocked and the meeting cleared from the room panel and also from the calendar.  This feature helps to eliminate ghost meetings and maintain a clear overview at all times.

Customised displays on the panels

The side and front 24-bit true colour LEDs for displaying the room status provide you with 180° visibility about the current status of your room occupancy You can clearly see whether a room is currently vacant or occupied or whether a scheduled meeting will end or begin soon, even from a distance.
The information shown on the display can be customised to your corporate colour scheme and supplemented with your company logo (Corporate Identity).  You can also change the colour settings for the LEDs to your corporate colour scheme in just a few simple steps.


The central control and administration of the room panels makes making firmware updates, CI and adjustments to the display child's play.  Decide which of your room panels display which information about a meeting.

Details, such as the participants' names or the title of the meeting, are often missed out in public spaces on grounds of data protection.  Add your corporate identity, including company logo, so that your room panels project a consistent image.

Entering changes is easy

Customer still stuck in traffic and the meeting needs to be postponed? Things are coming to a head in your meeting and your development team probably needs half an hour longer than planned?
Needless to say, you can also cancel booked meetings or extend or shorten the period of occupancy at a later date.

Room panels in comparison

Our models

TD-1050 Pro H.

Resolution1.280 x 800
InternetWLAN, POE


TD-1060 Slim

Resolution1.280 x 800
InternetWLAN, POE


TD-1070 H.

Resolution1920 x 1200 FHD
InternetWLAN, POE


This is how room scheduling works today!

Try our digital room panels!

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open simulation

Flexible Attachment

The ultra-strong adhesive surface on your digital room panel makes sure it stays securely in place on every glass wall.

The mounting material supplied in delivery also allows you to attach it to conventional stone or concrete walls and even wood.  Thus ensuring that TimeFlex Room Panels fit perfectly into any kind of working environment.

Demo Video

Multifunctional room panels for Microsoft Outlook and HCL Notes

See what our digital room panels can do in this video!



See how our customers use our digital room panels:

You too can discover the diverse range of options offered by TimeFleX Solutions

The solution's other optional modules including Service Request, Group Calendar, MeetingFinder and Desk Sharing provide you with an all-in-one solution for your organisation.

Our mobile app for iOS and Android also contains these features.

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